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Sailing Isla mujeres

From: $35.00

What’s a better way than to see Isla Mujeres and it’s surroundings from a luxurious catamaran.

Description Sailing Isla mujeres

Isla Mujeres dates back over 1500 years as a mayan providence that revered Ixchel the Goddess of the Moon, Fertility and Happiness.

Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 1600s because of the strategic location plus it’s protective waters. Also attracting pirates and buccaneers seeking refuge and shelter for their ships.

Pirates would often attack Spanish vessels that were looting gold and other values back to Europe.

Famous and infamous pirates of the Caribbean were fond of this Island.

Such as Henry Morgan, Jean Lafitte and Fermin Mundaca who’s island hacienda you can visit today.

Islanders cherish the memory of Señor Ramon Bravo a Mexican international Oceanographer, Cinematographer, Marine Ecologists, Activist and writer. Who put Isla Mujeres on the map while working together with renowned Jacques Cousteau and son at the islands surroundings.

Yes it’s a small sleepy place with a variety of things to do.

Visit M.U.S.A. (underwater museum of Art). Laze on pristine Playa Norte’s beach, Punta Sur sculpture garden & Ixchel’s mayan ruins, rent a golf cart and explore at your own pace and visit the turtle protective farm, shop around this UNESCO world heritage island/town authentic souvenirs and folk art. Admire the Sea Wall Murals by international artist.

If nothing else rejoice and relax in our beach club full of swaying palms & white silky sand while having a mix cocktails.

Guaranteed laid back vibes. A perfect vacation visit for families, couples or solo travellers.

Isla Mujeres awaits you amigos!